I’ve been trying to figure out a way to talk about what’s going on in Haiti. God knows it’s not being covered in the news here in the US. I’ve been trying to find the best article to link. One that would tell the whole story, one that would describe the sheer devastation that so many are facing due to the hurricanes that hit. I wanted to find the article that would tell you about the 500 dead, the lack of clean water, the inability to get aid past the flooding, and the measly contributions that the US have made in comparison to other countries.

But instead, I want to share a personal story, because I think this may give us a better glimpse of what this reality looks like for one family. Licia’s family runs a Rescue Center in Haiti. This ministry is the real deal: they are literally saving lives every day. Their goal is to nurse malnourished children back to life, and return them to their families. Take a look at the before and after photos on their website. It will take your breath away. I have never, never seen such a tangible way of showing God’s love than what these people are doing.

Licia and her family live in Cazalle. This village was hit hard by hurricane Ike. Fortunately, they are all safe, though a child who was recently brought in died in the middle of the storm due to malnutrition. They are now living with no clean water and trying to put their homes back together, while still caring for the people who come to them for help. Here is some narrative from Licia’s blog:

9/7/08 am
Ike hit us hard here in Cazale. We had to run with the children to the second story of the houses. There is much destruction. I have not slept yet. Everything everywhere is a mess. They are removing bodies from the river that has been washed down from other villages. It is very serious. Lori and Charles house has a least 1 foot of mud in it. Most of their belongings are destroyed. The water level in their house was waist high. The main bridge in Cazale washed away. Please….I am asking you from the deepest part of my heart to pray..pray for us..pray for the kids….pray…pray…pray. All the kids in the RC are safe. My family is safe. Amos, Story, faith, hope, Rosena, ronel all safe. Unbelievable pictures to share.

9/7/08 pm
**There were three men that tired to cross the river up higher than our village and the river washed one of them down, a father of 5 children. They pulled the father out and laid him out front for several hours until the family came to retrieve the dead body. We learned that hurricane Hanna damaged his house this past week. He walked 6 hours down the mountains to try and find some work to feed his family. He knew it rained a lot last night and told his friends he was worried about his wife and kids. He was trying to get to them when he was killed. One of the volenteers here J.L. is going to be working on raising funds for his casket.

**A family here in Cazale was trying to get out of their house last night and the water washed the mother and two children away. They found the mother about 1/2 a mile down the road hanging onto a bananna tree. They have not found the two children.
The road to our house in washed out in two places. Like washed out so bad, I do not know when we will be able to get it fixed. We are slowly filtering water from machines. I cannot tell anyone what to do for me and the people here in Cazale because I just do not know….my mind is in a place to keep this water going to be able to have something to drink for the kids. There is no way for anyone to get her, but by foot. The water pipe system is not there for about 1/4 a mile…it is totally gone these were large 4 inch metal pipes. We dug a hole in the river side today and are getting water from a hole there, bringing it in and letting it sit for hours so some of the dirt settles, then pours in through some towels to try to get any more dirt out, then running it through the filter machines. I appreciate all your emails and thought…so much. I will write back as I can in the weeks to come.

I think this gives a glimpse of how Haiti has been affected, but there are many with no options for food or clean water at all. Obviously they could all use prayer. If you want to help in a tangible way, you can donate to the Rescue Center by following this link.