It’s still a little hot in our house for cooking inside, so we’ve been getting creative on the grill. (Plus, I refuse to acknowledge that summer is over.) This is our new favorite combo: grilled pizza with a grilled romaine lettuce salad. I add some spinach to the pizza sauce to give it a little extra nutrition, and we buy a whole grain dough from Trader Joe’s.

My 3-year-old especially loves this because I let him decorate his own pizza. I love it because on the grill, the crust comes out perfectly crispy yet chewy.

Pizza:Whole grain pizza dough

2 cups spinach

8oz tomato puree

2 cloves garlic

1 onion

1 tbsp basilshredded mozarellahearts of romaine, sliced in half down middleT. Marzetti light blue cheese dressing

In a saucepan, saute the garlic, and onion until clear. Add spinach until wilted (about a minute). Place tomato puree and basil in a blender; add spinach, garlic, and onion. Blend until smooth. Roll out dough and top with sauce and cheese. Before the grill is hot, spread the pizza out on the first rack (the dough is too difficult to spread on a hot grill). Heat it up, and watch the pizza closely. Remove when crust is brown and cheese is bubbly. Add romaine to grill, flash grill for about a minute until leaves are charred. Cover romaine with dressing, and enjoy.