According to AA, addiction is characterized by the following criteria:

1. the person spends excessive money obtaining substance (three yogurts = $7.55)
2. the person spends a large portion of their day thinking about when they can get their next “hit” (is 10am too early for yogurt?)
3. the person needs more of the substance to get the same fix (back off, kids. that’s mommy’s!)
4. the person develops a dependence on the substance, and experiences an uncomfortable withdrawal between use (Must. Have. YOGURT!!!)
5. the person continues to use substance despite negative consequences (extra calories, sugar buzz, sticky hands)
6. the person hides their use from loved ones (hey kids, let’s not mention to daddy that we had Pinkberry for lunch)

Um, yeah. Frozen yogurt. Look at the desperation in India’s eyes. I’d say we’re addicted.

*** and the tie over the t-shirt look? Jafta’s choice. I guess this is his business casual look.