Why is it that America is so keen on restoring democracy only when it benefits us? How can we pick and choose when we decide to become the moral police? Why do we have unending American troops in gas-rich countries where we are trying to “champion democracy” and yet we ignore the atrocities happening in Zimbabwe? Why is genocide, tyranny, terrorism, and evil accepted in African nations, and squelched immediately in countries that have something we want?

We have been to Zimbabwe and the people are amazing, but they have so little opportunity because of the government there. This country is flailing because of an evil dictator. I want to know when he will be stopped. I want to know why the USA has put on their “earmuffs” when it comes to Zimbabwe.

In case you can’t tell, I’m a little riled up about it. If you think of it, pray for the people in Zimabwe today.