This quote was on my sister-in-law’s blog. It is so profound, I had to share.

“I contend that Christians will only have authority if they first serve the needs of others in sacrificial ways, especially the poor and oppressed. When those who hold power witness how Christians live out love – meeting the needs of others and binding up the wounds who have been left hurting by society’s waysides – Christians will earn the authority to speak. When Christians sacrificially give of their time and resources to run soup kitches for the hungry and provide shelters for the homeless, they gain the right to be heard. When they tutor poor childred and care for those with AIDS, they expand their mandate to call for change. But, before they speak, Christians must demonstrate God’s love through sacrificial ministries. Sacrifice gives them the ability to be taken seriously by those who seem to be in control of political machines.”-Tony Campolo

I have been challenged quite a bit lately about God’s calling to care for the poor and oppressed. I know that I could do more, and yet I find so many excuses. When I really think about what God may have in store for my family, sometimes it scares me. I wonder if we are called to live in Haiti, to adopt more orphans, to open our homes to foster youth, to widen our eyes to our local community . . . all of these things tug at my heart and sometimes I feel like if I just open the door, God will crack it wide open. And yet . . . fear. complacency. laziness. I don’t want to mess up my neat little life. Which is so dumb, because to follow God’s calling is life in abundance. I’m pondering on this today, and feeling challenged.