I spend entirely too much time online, reading other people’s blogs. It’s what a call a neutral addiction. It’s not hurting anyone – I’m not flying into a drunk rage or throwing my life away or getting arrested. I’m just quietly wasting lots and lots of time.

But part of the reason I am so consumed with reading blogs is that sometimes I feel a bit isolated as a transracial family. IRL (that means in real life, for those of you not spending all your waking hours online) I really don’t know any families that look like ours. When I first started hearing about this blog thing, I had no idea what blogging meant or what it was about. I stumbled upon Jamie’s blog and saw a family that looked a lot like mine. I started reading about her family every day, really just out of curiosity to see another mom, my age, with adopted and bio kids, choosing to adopt again. Then I followed some of her links. I came upon Tara and Christine, and then found links to Angel and Rockstar’s Wife and suddenly I found this whole world of virtual community. In a weird way, it really felt validating that there were LOTS of other families out there like mine. I may not see them every day. But they are out there.

And now, I even feel a little bolstered by it. Inspired, even. I read the blogs of Heidi and The McBride’s and think, you know? Maybe God is calling us to adopt even more. Maybe I need to rethink my idea of family, and comfort, and needs vs. wants. They are doing it. I can do it.

I don’t know if that would be true if it was just me, all by my lonesome. I am thankful for the blogging community of adoptive parents, and the way God is using it to shape my passion for children, and making me a little braver in my decisions.

So is this saving the world? Maybe not. But if I’m inspired by these blogs, and each of us inspired just one family to adopt a child, and in turn they inspire one more family . . . . in a few years we just might solve the world’s orphan problem.