There is a show on ABC called Wipeout, where contestants compete by running through ridiculous obstacle courses that make them fall on their face. It’s kind of like youth ministry games on steroids. The first time I saw commercial for this show, I thought it was the most idiotic concept I had ever heard of. I wondered who on earth would watch this.

Enter my husband, who Tivo’s the show every week and thinks it is brilliant. I’ve written before about my husband’s movie choices, but this show is a new low. Now I have my tween nephews in town, and the three of them are all watching Wipeout. They are laughing so hard that I am constantly shushing them so they don’t wake the younger kids. They are literally rolling around on the floor and crying because they are laughing so hard.

My house has been taken over by immature boys and I am being forced to watch this. Someone help me.