We decided to head out to the desert for a few days of timeshare bonus time (seems this place has lots of availability in the summer when it’s 112 degrees outside). We love coming out here, because the resort is on a golf course, and has a great pool and lazy river. We spend our days poolside, and Mark takes my nephews golfing while the kids nap – which gives me some downtime. Love me some downtime.

Last night we took a walk on the golf course at sunset, and it was just heavenly. The sun was setting behind the mountains, and the kids were hitting golf balls while India danced in the grass. The sprinklers came on and provided the perfect cooling mist as we walked. Jafta and India chased a frog across the green. It was an idyllic scene. Like a preppy perfume ad. But with Black people.

I love it out here. But it is hot as Haiti in this place.