My friend Ali and I started a “mommy blog” a few months ago, in the hopes of creating a fun place for moms to share resources, recipes, ideas, and funny stories. What started as a small little project has grown into quite a bit of work, and over the last few weeks we’ve been wondering if the time blogging has sucked away would pay off (in ways beyond having a sense of purpose during naptime).

If you haven’t visited Mama Manifesto, you must hate me you really should. (and if you care about my children’s college fund you can leave lots of comments, tell your friends, and put a link or widget on your blog. only if you love my children. but whatever).

Anyways, we have done very little to promote our blog to potential sponsors due to our values and principals lack of time . But last week, out of the blue, several companies sent us some samples! Now, if you know me, you know that I LOVE FREE STUFF. I never met a Clinique bonus I didn’t like. No, I don’t need perfume. But it comes with a free tote bag? I’ll take four. I am a sucker for freebies . . . and this felt like Christmas. It was just a bunch of samples from Hanes and some random start-up companies. But it was free! YIPPEE!

So with a little work, we are hopeful that we will be able to peak the interest of other companies that are interested in sending us some loot. So, if other companies (like Whole Foods, and Land of Nod, and J Crew, and Pottery Barn Kids, and Anthropologie, and Trader Joe’s, and Nikon, and Cannon, and apple, and Nike, and Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon, and Graco, and Roxy, and Uggs, and Pink Berry, and Melissa and Doug, and Godiva and Crayola, and Honda Odyssey Mini vans (I would drive one if it was free) …want to start sharing their love with the mamas, bring it on! It has given us just the nudge we needed to keep on bloggin’!