My nephews are visiting for a bit this summer. They have done this every summer since they were very little – long before we had kids of our own. For many years we were the cool, childless aunt and uncle that just got to spoil the two of them when they visited. But now we get the adventure of trying out being a family of six.

I have to say, aside from issue of not fitting in one car, that four kids is treating me pretty well. I think the key here is SPACING. Austin and Derek are 9 and 13, and they are so great with my kids. I feel like I am just lazing about while they play with the kids, help them get dressed, read to them, and then volunteer for things like setting the table and getting dinner ready. So far, four kids are way easier than my usual two.

So, let’s review. If I want more children, I should wait until Jafta is 13.

Somehow I have a feeling it’s not gonna happen that way.