I have tried, people. I have tried to refrain from this topic. But I cannot stop myself.

After playgroup today, I was giving Jafta and India their usual pre-nap bath. All of the sudden, right before my very eyes, the bathtub gets cloudy. And brown. After a second, I realize that someone has pooped in the bathtub. Someone has taken a serious. poop. in the bathtub.

I whisk the kids into my shower to clean them off, and immediately start the inquisition. However, the perpetrator remains at large. Here is what I know:

  • Jafta vehemently denies the pooping, and blames India
  • India had already had a poopy diaper at playgroup, which points to Jafta
  • Jafta has never bold-faced lie to me, which points to India
  • There was a curious absence of raisins (India’s favorite), which points to Jafta
  • Both children have had diarrhea since Haiti, which looks bad for both of them
  • The presence of corn points to Jafta
  • The presence of large ball of blue play-doh (also India’s favorite) points to India

I just don’t know what to think. Apparently my life is full of crap. And I don’t mean that figuratively.
If you would like a look at the crime scene, click here. Warning: gruesome shower scene depicted. I refrained from posting this photo on the main page to protect the innocent. And those of you reading this while eating.