My husband and I love movies. I will admit, I am somewhat of a movie snob. I like independent films. I love a good story with an astute character sketch. I love a documentary that makes me think. I love movies with sweeping cinematography, great acting, and a juxtaposition of cultures. I never met a Merchant Ivory film I didn’t like. Over the years, Mark’s taste has evolved and he is pretty game for these types of movies, too.

However, all this flies out the window when Mark is with his friends. Which is confusing, because Mark is blessed to be in relationship with some brilliant guys. He is friends with talented musicians, gifted writers, deep theologians, creative types, CFO’s . . . you get the picture. But somehow, you get all these guys in a room (or on a texting spree, more realistically) and collectively they decide to see movies like X-Men or The Hulk. Not exactly MENSA material.

The other day he came home from Iron Man and I asked how it was. “It’s exactly what you think it was. Stupid story, lame acting, bad script, and lots of action scenes where people are shooting or blowing things up” he says to me. “We loved it”.


So the other night, he and his friend Jonathan decide to see a movie. Now Jonathan is someone I consider to be a brainiac. He reads John Kennedy Toole and Jonathan Safran Foer. He can kick my butt at Set. He’s an all-around smart guy. But as the two of them begin deciding what movie to see, they both realize they’ve already seen all of the testosterone-fueled offerings at the local cinema. I encourage Mark to suggest a few things to Jonathan. “He’s really smart, honey. You could take him to a movie at the University. Go see The Visitor or The Children of Huang Shi. He totally sees those kind of movies. “

Their choice?

I don’t get it.