We all have a bit of a lingering bug. We are calling it a “touch of the Haiti”. All of it us are just a little off. I have taken a two hour nap both today and yesterday, which is VERY unusual for me. The kids are having frequent meltdowns. We have been watching a lot of tv, because I am just so tired.

There is something else going on, that I am hesistant to mention. You see, the other day, I saw my blog posted on another blog. There is an application that gives a “snapshot” of blogs if you hover over the link. For my blog, the snapshot had the following words:


Nice. Apparently, the poop talk has been so prevalent on this blog that a nutshell descripion of topics warrants the word poop. It seems I am writing a family blog about adoption and poop.
So, I would tell you about the gastro-intestinal issues affecting all of us since we came home from Haiti. But I don’t want to keep saying the word POOP, so that I can hopefully shed this embarrassing descriptor. I mean, poop? Is that really what I am about here? I’d like to be described as a little deeper than poop.

So I’m definitely not going to mention the word poop anymore. No more talk of poop. Poop will not be talked about. No poop, no poop, no poop.