I am a mean mommy. We were at Payless yesterday, and Jafta spotted a pair of generic crocs with Cars logos on each side, and a Cars baseball cap. He was so excited. He loved them. He put them on and began professing his love for the Cars movie. He looked in the mirror and thought he looked like a million bucks. He begged, I mean BEGGED, for these shoes.

Thing is, he looked like a total dork in these shoes and hat. They were hideous. He looked completely ready for the short bus with these things on. Despite the fact that he loved these shoes, and despite the fact that they were seemingly comfortable and easy for him to get on and off, I would not relent. I will not have my kid looking like a dork. We left the store in tears, and with a pair of Airwalks that mommy liked and Jafta hated.

I am mean.