Lately, I’ve gotten a little obsessed with making cupcakes in an unhealthy, people-pleasing, trying-to-prove-myself kinda way. I find the desire to try to be Martha Stewart rears its ugly head every year right around Christmas, when I start making homemade soap (2001) or kahlua (2004) or body scrubs (2003) or truffles (2008) in an attempt to show everyone how crafty and creative and granola I am.

For Jafta’s 3rd birthday, I decided to make the cupcakes instead of buying the storebought ones. And then my sister pointed out a cupcake blog to me by someone who actually has the time and energy to perfect this craft: And I decided that my first cupcake foray must be, has to be, an amazing creation that will look just as good. I go to five different stores, buy cupcakes stands, and start practicing.

I decided on a sports theme for the cupcakes. But then, to take it up a notch, I decided I must also make some gourmet-type oreo and peppermint cupcakes for the mommies in attendance.

Can you guess how this story ends? Like these insane moments usually end: with me baking and decorating into the wee hours, totally bombing my kitchen, spending gobs of money and wondering why I didn’t just pick up the 20 pack at Costco for $10. Not to mention being too tired for words at the party, and my glib husband reminding me that he TOLD me to just buy the damn cupcakes.

Oh, and not a single cupcake was consumed by my weight-conscious OC mommy friends.

I am up to my ears in leftover cupcakes over here.