I had the most mortifying parent experience tonight. My friend, who is an amazing artist, was having a show at a local gallery. The gallery had an opening reception for the artists, and we decided to drop in and take the kids. I was thinking we would just make a quick appearance and leave. My kids are usually pretty good with stuff like that, and I want to expose them to culture, yada yada yada.

So we head into the gallery and all is good. I’ve got India in a “mei tai” carrier and Jafta is being cool. When all of the sudden, India starts projectile vomiting. All over the place. All over me, of course, and it’s covering the gallery floor. I high-tail it to the bathroom with her, and suddenly I hear Mark saying, “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry!”. Jafta also pukes all over the gallery floor. The art gallery is covered in puke. I am so embarrassed.

We do our best to clean up the floor, our kids, and oursleves, amidst horrified stares. I have to just take the kids’ clothes off. So we have to walk two naked kids back through the gallery to our car.

So embarrassing.

Of course, once we get home, we put them in the bath, and the kids are as happy as can be.