What happened to Mark:
Mark Howerton was in an accident late Friday night, March 12. He and his wife Kristen were driving home with friends when they witnessed a two-car collision. Mark pulled over to the side of the road to offer assistance. The cars were in the right lane of the road. Mark was standing in the shoulder trying to calm the driver when a third car came speeding by and did not see the cars in the road. This car braked quickly and fishtailed into the shoulder, hitting Mark and throwing him over 60 feet.Mark sustained a fractured ankle, two breaks in the opposite leg’s femur, a pelvis broken in numerous places, a bruise on the frontal lobe of his brain, bruised lungs, and severe “road burn” on his back. Saturday evening surgery was performed on Mark’s legs. A pin was put in the ankle and an 18-inch rod in the femur of the other leg. There was minor bleeding in the frontal lobe of the brain, but Mark is talking and behaving like his “pre-injury self” so that is an excellent sign. He was given three blood transfusions due to internal bleeding.

Mark’s Current Status
Mark has been moved from ICU and is currently in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, where he will spend several weeks. Mark was fitted with a brace spanning from his hips to his ankle that is locked at a 30 degree angle until his pelvic and femur fractures have healed. This means he is stuck in a “reclining” position and unable to sit up straight. He is receiving daily physical therapy to teach him how to transition from his bed to a reclining wheelchair, strengthening his arms, and to help him learn basic life skills with limited mobility.

Mark’s Recovery Expectations
Mark will be in his brace until the bones heal, estimated at 6-8 weeks total. Mark will be released from the hospital on Good Friday, and will then spend about a month at home in a wheelchair before they begin the physical therapy to get him walking.
Prayer Requests:Please keep praying. Prayers are powerful, and God’s provision has already been seen significantly in response to specific prayer.Please pray:

That Mark will have a smooth transition leaving the hospital to living at home again
That Mark’s nausea will decrease and that he can increase his food intake
That Mark’s physical pain is minimized—that the duration of time for the bones to heal will be shortened
For the doctors and physical therapists working with Mark
For Kristen to have the strength and support she needs to care for Mark at home

Right now Mark is getting amazing attention from the hospital staff, and family has taken off work to care for his needs. However, the several months ahead of them may be grueling, during which your help will be invaluable. The doctors have asked that visits be limited for the time being, because he is in several hours of therapy a day and needs a good deal of rest. A visitation and meal schedule will be set up once Mark is home from the hospital.

A note from Kristen:We are so thankful for your prayers and support. It is truly times like these that show how blessed we are to be in community with all of you. We have been overwhelmed by all of your love and attention, and I know that this experience has made us realize how valuable life truly is.