QOES: How often do you wash your bra?

I saw this little decision tree on washing your bra and thought it was funny.

I think (and hope) most of us would agree that underwear should be washing after one day of us, but what about bras? They don’t technically touch the armpit, although they can certainly get smelly.
I think I wash mine after about 5-6 wears. I don’t have a system and I rotate through several bras each week, so it’s hard to say. Probably when I think, “Hmm. I’ve worn this one a lot lately!”
How about you?

QOES: What’s the most embarrassing online screen-name you’ve ever used?

Buzzfeed did a funny video recently asking people to remember their childhood screennames from AIM. Hilarious, but also a reminder that I am old because I never had a “childhood screenname.” The first time I went online I was in my 20’s and married.

I don’t really have an embarassing screreenname story. Mark and I shared one for a long time, not realizing at the time that our internet use would ever look like it does now. So my initial screenname, on just about every platform, was “howertons.” Super exciting, I know.

(We have long since given up sharing the same screenname, because THAT’S WEIRD. I’m looking at you, MattandJennifer on facebook. Why do couples share accounts? Which one of you is commenting? Be your own person!!)

I do have a screen name that still haunts me, though. My youtube screenname is KristenInCali. Because . . . I have no idea why. I made it up many years ago and youtube won’t let me change it.

How about you? Have any old screennames you’d like to forget?