kickstart a change

There are a couple charitable organizations that I am connected to in one way or another, and I wanted to highlight some of the things they are doing right now.  If you are looking for some organizations to support, these are some very worthy causes.

Krochet Kids is an amazing organization that allows impoverished women to earn money by crocheting hats that are sold in the US.  They have been based in Uganda for some time, but my friend Sarah (who blogs at but now to live the life) recently moved her family of 6 to Peru to begin a program there as well.  They are currently trying to raise funds via kickstart.

Another organization I really love is Royal Family Kids Camp.  It is a summer camp that hosts children who are living in foster care.  The kids are paired with counselors and basically spend their time being mentored and loved.  I have many friends who serve with this camp, and some other friends who make films, and they have paired up to try to make a film bringing awareness to the needs of foster children. You can visit their kickstart page here.  Their hope is that the film will educated and inspire others to get involved in foster kids lives.

Finally, if you are local to Southern California consider going to the Indian Princess Project Gala on Saturday, September September 24th.  It’s an amazing event that raises money to buy women out of the sex trade in India.