Things moms of 4 do

Things Moms Of Four Kids Do Here’s a shocker: Having four kids is hard. Of course, I would never trade it or change it for anything. EVER. But when we made the transition from two kids to four kids, we had to change a lot of things about how we parented. Intentionally or not, you do things way differently with the the third and fourth kids than you did with the first and second.
It’s no longer about all the newest and cutest toys and clothes. It’s no longer about making sure each child has had the right amount of visual stimulation. It’s no longer about making sure a child is always happy and involved in activities that will, “according to research,” make them the smartest kid in the class.
It’s about survival, people. For me AND for them. Moms of four kids have had to loosen up. We learn to go with the flow. We make sacrifices and lower certain standards in order to give our attention to more important things. We do things we never would have done as a first-time parent. Things that weren’t even on our radar when we changed that very first diaper. Things we don’t always even admit to in mixed company.
I’ve rounded up a list of some of my shortcuts/confesions. Read it here at Mommyish.