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If you clicked here, I’m assuming you have a little extra time on your hands, and  want a little back-story.  I grew up in Florida, where it was my life mission to be in as many high school clubs as possible.  After a busy senior year of multitasking in my roles on student council, drama club, steering committee, show choir, swim team, and newspaper staff, I decided I wanted to go to college in the midwest to experience life where the seasons change beyond “humid” and “sweltering heat”.  I packed up my Chevy Cavalier and headed to Cincinnati Christian University, where I met a cute boy named Mark.   He was from California.  We shared a love of James Taylor, and a hatred of cold weather.  We got married and moved out of that frozen tundra as soon as the ink on our diplomas dried.  We settled in Orange County, where we both attended graduate school.

I’ve been a psychotherapist for ten years – and I’m slightly nauseous realizing I’m old enough to have done anything professionally for that long. My husband was in the ministry for a long time, but last year he decided to go into full-time private practice, too. So now, we are both marriage and family therapists, and because of that we never argue, have a perfect relationship, and feel completely confident in every parenting decision we make. Also, we have a pet unicorn and small cartoon birds fly in my window and help me get dressed every morning.

We have four kids – Jafta (5), India (3), Kembe (3) and Karis (1). We had a long and crazy road to parenting, involving several miscarriages, two scary full-term pregnancies, and two very difficult adoption journeys.   When we adopted our oldest from the fostercare system, I thought that I couldn’t imagine a more stressful and heart-wrenching experience. But I said that before we tried adopting from Haiti.  It took two years and a devastating earthquake before we could bring Kembe home.  On my last visit to Haiti, Kembe, Karis, and I survived the earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, and he was able to come home the following week.

We are now trying to adjust to life with four kids – a baby and three preschoolers.  I have my hands full (and least that’s what everyone in Target tells me).

I spend entirely too much time online, reading other people’s blogs. It’s what a call a neutral addiction. It’s not hurting anyone – I’m not flying into a drunk rage or throwing my life away or getting arrested. I’m just quietly wasting lots and lots of time.

I’m glad you are choosing to waste YOUR time reading my blog.  Welcome.