On Thursdays I post from the vault. This post is from March 2009.

I don’t have the energy to write tonight, so I am going to cut and paste the updates I’ve gotten today about Keanan. Shelley is sending them – she is a totally lovely missionary who runs the orphanage. He is at her house tonight before moving hospitals tomorrow. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I absolutely adore all of the people who work for Heartline Haiti. They are doing all they can, but healthcare in Haiti is tough, and I know they are frustrated and wanting to see him better. So am I.

Sorry – this has been so long and drawn out – and seemingly
complicated. This is where we are now. Keembert’s foot needs to be lanced
and the fluid removed – he will need to be moved from the current hospital for
this procedure. We are trying to reach the orthopedic specialist/surgeon
who originally gave the orders for him to be admitted to the hospital, as he
must also give the order for him to be released. We have been unable to
reach him so far today. Also, Keembert has developed thrush in his mouth – poor
little guy! – so he is being treated for that. He has also started running
a fever on occasion.We are praying that the thrush and fever clear up, and that
we are able to have Keembert admitted to a hospital which communicates
better. We are also praying that the surgical procedure is done well, with
as little discomfort as possible for Keembert, and that his foot heals

**Byron just got through to Dr. Bouvier** – please pray that Dr.
Bouvieur is able to reach the appropriate person and that Keembert can be
released today. Communication here is unbelievably poor. Dr.
Bouvieur is frustrated, at best. He said that they should never have
accepted Keembert if they were unable to take care of his foot. Makes
sense.Anyway, that is where we are.

Keembert is in my home right now. Very quiet (for him) but sharing
his smile.We have been to the orthopedic specialist, who removed some fluid from
his foot, and has instructed us to bring him to the new hospital (a very modern
and topnotch hospital) tomorrow morning at 8:00. We will meet with
him then and perhaps a pediatrician as well. Byron is on his way to
Petionville with the fluid – delivering it to a lab so that they can run the
necessary tests on it.The thrush (yeast infection) in his mouth is
unbelievable. We were not given any medication, although we were told that
he was given some for this, so we will get new meds in the morning for it.Dr.
Beauvoir – the orthopedic specialist/surgeon – is so apologetic! He has
been shocked by the lack of cooperation and communication at this
hospital. I will update you as soon as we return home tomorrow – hopefully
it will not be as late as this.

Please continue to pray for our son. I am one nervous mommy right now. I am so glad that Mark will be able to visit him soon, and that it sounds like he will get better attention at this new hospital.

In better news, we have four suitcases full of donations!!! Thank you so much. I love my friends. I love that I can put a post on my blog and on facebook, and two days later have 200 pounds of donations to take to Haiti. We have been weighing and redistributing the bags all day, and I think we’ve got it all!