India had her last talent show at her elementary school last night and they killed it doing a Spice Girls routine. She’s done solo musical theater numbers for the past few years but really wanted to do something with friends for the last show, and they had so much fun with it. A huge shout-out to her teacher for being such a great sport and popping out as Posh Spice at the end!

Here’s an announcement that is long overdue . . . I’m writing a book! It will be coming out in the spring of next year. I’ve hesitated to announce this because I have been terrified that I would not actually be able to pull it off. I’ve dragged my feet on writing a book for YEARS. I got my first formal offer in 2014 and put it off because of a combo of fear and imposter syndrome and also not being ready to talk about some of the private stuff going on in my marriage. Well, that fear, imposter syndrome, and privacy ambivalence is all still there, but here I am, writing a book anyway! It’s about motherhood . . . and specifically, the lessons I had to learn along the way around letting go of outcomes, learning to love unconditionally, and finding my way to being a “good enough” mom instead of a perfect one. If you have struggled with overwhelm, anxiety, comparison, disappointment, or loss as a parent, this book is for you.

I’m thrilled to say that I landed with Convergant, an imprint of Random House. They pursued me and believed in me long before I believed in myself, and I feel like I am in great hands between my editor there and my incredibly patient agent @margaretrileyking. I’ve also had some amazing cheerleaders along the way, and have loved writing parallel books with my friends @sarahbessey (hers is up for pre-order as of yesterday!) and @JenHatmaker (whose comes out the same time as mine) . . . so check those out as well.

I’ve been in the treches of writing for the past couple of months, and my kids have been champs about it. I finally read them a chapter the other night (the one about asshole parents and all the various ways we disappoint our children depending on their developmental stages) and they were howling. So I figure if I’ve got them laughing, I’m on the right track.

And if you’re a friend who has sent me a text/invite/email/smoke signal I’ve ignored in the past few months, I am sorry. One day I will be done with this book and actually emerge from my house and walk among the living again. One day I will get dressed and do things besides sitting here typing away in my pajamas. Sadly, that day is not today. Thank you for your patience with me.

I will just never get over this picture of 5-year-old Jafta waiting for his brother to finally come home from Haiti. He’d known him and been waiting for him for 3 years. And now they are the best of friends and I cannot imagine our family without him. #TBT

So the locks came off yesterday. He was thrilled, I was conflicted. Almost 6 years of cultivating those locks, and lots of time spent, but it was time for a fresh start. We’d let the roots grow in so his big chop could be a little afro. So many people are saying he looks older but I actually think he looks younger!

I think they are officially addicted to their “morning tea” as much as I am.