The perils of letting kids cook: @jaftahowerton executed a fantastic chicken marsala tonight. He also executed a slice out of his middle finger with the knife. 😳

Trying a new thing where I let the kids go through my cookbooks, choose a meal, and prepare it for the family one night of the week. Tonight is Karis’s night and she chose the chicken satay and sweet potato fries from @daniellewalker’s new cookbook and Kembe is free-styling some guac.
Real talk? It’s easier cooking without their help. I have to let go of a desire for things to be done “right.” But I really want my kids to gain these skills. And not just knowing how to cook, but how to cook with fresh, whole foods. I spent the first decade of adulthood heating up Lean Cuisines as my dinner and I want to leave them a different legacy.

Today was pajama day at school and Kembe decided to rock his sister’s onesie. 😂😂

Equal parts “look how cute they are” and “look how tired I am!” #TBT