On Thursdays I post from the vault. This post is from January 2009.

I have enjoyed using my neti pot ever since Dr. Oz and Oprah told me I should be doing it. (Because I do whatever Oprah tells me I should do). I gotta tell you, though, if you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s amazingly refreshing. And did I mention OPRAH does it?

So anyway, I’ve been deaing with a nasty cold for weeks now, and yesterday I was looking forward to giving the system a little flush. Jafta was at preschool, and India was hanging out with me in the bathroom. I prepared my pot, tilted my head, and got a good little stream going, when suddenly India got a glimpse of what I was doing and started SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER.

It was horrific. No parent ever wants to think about what their child would look like if they were witness to an act of violence. And yet, that is exactly what India looked like. I might as well have been gauging my eyes out, the way she was screaming. She was also yelling “NO, MOMMY NO!!! DON’T DO IT!!!” through her screams. She was completely and totally traumatized. I had to spend the next half hour comforting her, calming her down, and assuring her that I was not hurt. And then she followed me around like a mother bear following her cub, making sure that I didn’t try any of that funny business again.

So, lesson learned. In the future, my Neti Pot use will be behind closed doors.