So much fun watching my girls in Annie tonight. If you are local there are two more shows tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon.

A few changes in the last 10 years: went from 2 to 4 kids, switched my hair to a middle part, and of course a divorce and a new relationship …

Sometimes you find friends you laugh with. You share the same brand of sarcasm and you cackle with each other until someone has to run to the bathroom. You mock as a love language. You talk in gifs. You giggle until your cheeks hurt.

Sometimes you find friends you bond with emotionally. You pull off your mask and expose your ugly parts and they see it all and say,”Okay. I love you.” You tell them your deepest secrets and feel known.
Sometimes you find friends you click with intellectually. You debate and analyze and ponder life’s mysteries. You share book recommendations and articles and ideas. You feel smarter for knowing them.Sometimes you find friends you work well with. You inhabit similar spaces and push each other to be better at the things you do. You talk shop and strategize and share resources. You edit and whiteboard and dream and support career trajectories.
Sometimes you find friends who share your passion for justice. Your shared vision for a better world solidifies your bond. You get angry together. You plan together. You learn together.

Sometimes … you find all of these things in the same group of friends and you could just cry that you get to be lifted up, in your dark times and in your triumphs, by such an amazing sisterhood. ❤️❤️


Senior pics with my bestie in our matching hats. #texasforever#classof93 @jenhatmaker


Getting to start my year laughing, dreaming, planning, and solving with these treasures is such a gift.

Also: because you asked … we are gonna do another Facebook live. What questions do you have for us?