On my first flight ever on @flyfrontier. Please send up the prayer chain. Also there are two children behind me who are already playing “flip the tray table” which, listen, I get happens, but the mom has not corrected them once and so I did it and they stopped. 😬 When I say that all children are our children I mean that globally and politically but also on airplanes. 😂


A huge thanks to @angellimousineoc for driving the boys around in style today (and for allowing me to drive separately, alone in my own car, in blissful silence.)

The teenager version of parallel play at @playlive_nationmv. They had a blast playing fortnite all in the same room. So much smack-talk. And I especially appreciate the enthusiasm of the staff took in making “happy birthday” as embarrassing as possible. 👍🤣


Jafta’s great birthday adventure started at @arrowtag OC. They had a blast shooting arrows and teaming up against each other. A great teen party option though I might have to come back with friends …

Home safe and sound and feeling so grateful for this experience with my kids. Don’t let the breezy photos fool you … it was hard work. We had long flights and jet lag and a tiny room and every one of us was exhausted. We got lost a lot, we were cold, we had long days and walked until our feet hurt. Everyone had a meltdown at some point. But overwhelmingly, we had a blast. There is nothing I love more than experiencing new cultures and places with my kids. It stretches and grows each of us to be in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar habits and norms. We can take what we like and apply it (collectivism was an apparent cultural difference and made quite an impact) and we can discuss what we appreciate about our own norms in contrast. My kids loved the experience and we are already dreaming about how cool it could be to visit a new country every year. My kids are troopers and they rose to the occasion on this trip despite the fatigue and lack of personal space. I am so glad to be home and sleeping in my own room but so glad for this bonding experience with my crew.



Our last morning in Tokyo spent at the red gates at Hie Shrine.