I brought my A game to the white elephant party. But India was the real winner.

Our annual Buddy the Elf spaghetti bar …

This pretty much captures their respective personalities. #winterfestoc

My daughter took the store-bought cookies out of the plastic and put them in a Tupperware with a hand-written note to make them look homemade. I swear I did not teach her this. Also #glutenfree for extra throughfulness. #enneagram3daughter#opticsmatter

I guess she was cold enough at the concert last night that she broke down and wore pants today. IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Dear concerned teachers, neighbors, and friends … yes. She does own pants. And yet despite how cold it may get this winter, she will not wear them. I’ve giving up trying. Perhaps if her legs get cold enough she will break down but she’s on a several year no-pants streak and we just all have to accept her autonomy I guess.