It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Amazon, and Prime Day is a great mid-year opportunity to get some great deals. I’m going to be watching what’s going on over there and updating all day today and tomorrow, as they roll out new deals every hour. Here’s what I’m digging so far:

The Echo Dot is only $29 today. I now have one in every room. My kids use these as alarm clocks, speakers, and to listen to books. I can intercom them from the living room, and also listen in on them while not home. These are normally $49 but around Christmas and on Prime Day they go down to $29 so if you’ve ever wanted one, now is the time. It can now work in tandem with your Sonos system, so you can activate your whole home speakers with your voice. (Speaking of, the Sonos system is amazing and their speakers are $50 off today.)

The instapot: it’s worth the hype. And the 6 quart version (plenty big for my family) is almost half off.

The kids’ edition of the Kindle is $69 down from $99 today. Or you can get a simple Kindle paperwhite (my favorite for it’s lack of other distracting apps) for just $50.

The Ring doorbell. I have one and love it SO MUCH. You can see what’s happening at your door from afar and you can even answer it and intercom in and talk to them. It’s an introvert’s dream but it’s also great for security. You can access videos or live views from your phone and download them as well.

Still haven’t locked down your home internet? Every parent needs a Circle. It can lock down adult content, set time limits, and track what your kids are doing on their devices. It’s only $74 today.

TRUST ME ON THIS BRA. (or don’t and go read the reviews.) It’s under $12 today.

Cards Against Humanities is $5 off if you wanted to buy it for your mom and make your next game night with her really awkward.

Star projector nightlight – We got this for the kids at Christmas and it was the biggest hit. It casts stars and moons all over the ceiling. Even the older kids like it.

Vegetable spiral slicer – I love spiralizing veggies. This isn’t the one I have, but 9000 people are in love with it.

This Logitech Boom 2 Waterproof AND Shockproof Bluetooth speaker is$94 versus $199. It isn’t cheap, but we’ve had three of these for years, and even my Spotify addicted teenagers haven’t managed to find a way to break it. Fantastic sound quality and perfectly kid/teen proof

The FitBit Alta fitness tracker is only $89 today, versus $150. Best, and now the cheapest, way to track your steps and keep your health regime on track.

The TileTracker is $45 today, normally $60. I lose my keys or purse, daily. Snap these on your keychain and throw one in your purse. PROBLEM SOLVED

This Blue Yeti professional podcast microphone is now $89 versus $130. I’ve tried a number of microphones and this was the best by far.