We went on a corn pilgrimage during intermission of the Pink Floyd cover band and it was everything we ever hoped for and more. #cornjourney #eloteish 🌽

When your kids call bluff on your clever rules. Stick around for more great tips on parenting teens.

When you are all excited to clean your closet out but halfway through you just wanna quit and lie down.

Eleven inches donated to @locksofloveofficial. This is her second time growing out her hair to donate. A huge thanks to @floyds99barbershop who cut her hair for free (they do this for all hair donations.) She loves her new look.

#TBT soccer with a Maasai warrior NBD

Oh you know. Just a bunch of grown adults losing their minds at an Amy Grant concert. And yes. I brought a karaoke mic. What of it. 

Filming and lead vocals: @matthewpaulturner .