Fondue and sparkling soda and ballot bets with India. It’s the superbowl for theater geeks. @thetonyawards
Concerts and monster trucks and fair tickets … let the summer fun begin!
Orange County friends – get out and vote today! It’s time to unseat Dana Rohrbacher and his abysmal record on human rights and gun reform. If you are a Democrat check our Harley Rouda. If you are a Republican check out Paul Martin. Both have compassionate views on immigration, a heart for social justice, and a desire for better gun control.
SoCal friends! It’s time to vote. This is an important one. And if you are in Dana Rohrbacher’s district it’s time to get him OUT! If you are a Republican may I kindly suggest a vote for @paulosophia. He’s a moderate, sane Republican and would serve our district much better than Dana.