After a nail-biting game India’s team is going for the championship! What a fun first soccer experience for her. Thank you @cleezy for encouraging this “non-sporty” girl to keep going! 📷: @fmorton

I guess the drywall guy decided my spendy @cb2 lamps needed some texture too. 😩😳

So proud of India. Despite the fact that she’s “a non-sporty person” (her words), she participated in our city’s soccer tournament with her classmates and had a great time, and her team has advanced to the finals! I love seeing my kids live out their passions. But I equally love watching them stretch and grow in areas outside their comfort zone. I could do more of that myself …

Dinner date: brisket-smothered fries with #foodiejafta

That mom moment when you are like, “should I tell him to stop or film it?” @jaftahowerton

One really nice feature of the ring doorbell is that it allows you to replay and review the moment you lose your shit on your kids after they fought the whole ride home in the car. 😂 #dontspeaktoher

How Karis takes her coat off. 😂

My 11-year-old and 13-year-old. Three average-sized 13-year-olds for scale. 😂
Sideline reading. @jenhatmaker #forthelove ❤️❤️

“No pictures, mom!” As she poses.