On Thursdays I post from the vault. This post is from March 2008.

We just had another round of family photos at Sears. I always promise myself I won’t go back to a mall-type studio, because I have had so many experiences of teenage photographers wasting my time and taking bad shots of the kids while they have a complete and total meltdown. Those studios are tough because they don’t shoot rapidly enough to catch the kids in action, and then the space is so small that the kids are always running out of the camera range.

And yet there I was two weeks ago, in the same spot, wishfully thinking that THIS time we’ll get an amazing shot. And instead, I am pulling my hair out and seriously biting my tongue so that I don’t scream at the barely-15-year-old employee to TAKE THE FREAKING SHOT and WHO CARES IF HIS KNEES ARE NOT CROSSED, HE JUST SMILED.
Some Sears highlights of my two not cooperating over the years:

India screaming

Jafta eating India while I hold them in the shot

Jafta trying to keep India from running out of the studio

These were considering amongst the best shots of an hours’ worth of trying. Not fun! And don’t even get me started on the “collages” they always try to get you to buy. Um, no. Thanks. I don’t need an 8×10 of their heads superimposed onto a rubber duckie graphic.