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What my boys are up to these days. Pretty much all day every day. Shout out to @_bensauer for the filming and the coaching! @jaftahowerton @kembehowerton

I’m forbidden from saying too much but omg, old-school Star Wars fans: this movie will make you giddy. So good. #soloastarwarsstory
Today our own government’s official website posted a warning about a Hispanic gang in the United States with the sole intent of inciting fear. It used the word “animals” to describe these people 8 times. First, it’s important to recognize that MS-13 represents less than 1% of the Hispanic population living in the United States. The fact that Trump continually refers to this gang, when there are thousands of problematic gangs in the US including white supremacist gangs that number much more greatly than MS-13, is manipulative. But the dehumanization is even more alarming. When I visited the holocaust museum in Jerusalem, one display that disturbed me the most was the anti-Semitic propaganda that attempted to equate Jews with animals. I am including some here if you swipe left but warning: it’s triggering. But I think it’s important to remember. People – we have to stay awake. This is how it starts. There is a clear attempt here to make our citizens fearful of a certain kind of immigrant. We have to speak out against this xenophobic propaganda.