Chilling in the cabana while the kids ride the waterslides. This is my kinda vacation. @greatwolflodge#genzss18
Fun at the #genzss18social media summit for kids. If you have kids engaged on Instagram or YouTube@genzsocialsummit is a great way for them to learn good practices.
When you show up at your next conference rocking swag from the last one. #genzss18 #mom2summit @dove
Okay real talk: @tayediggsinsta was way more interested in India than he was in me. Once he learned she was a musical theater geek he had all kinds of questions for her. What did she love about it? What was her favorite role so far? And what was the last play she saw? He was laughing as she rattled off some rather obscure and mature shows – I think he was expecting her to say “Newsies” instead of “The Great Comet.” They had a great conversation and he was so present and encouraging with her. What a gift to have a veteran broadway actor cheer you on. And yes, as we walked away, I might have whispered to her how hot he was and she might have said, “Gross, mom. Just stop.” 😂
Ten years in to this blogging thing and the greatest gift, hands down, are the people I’ve met. I feel so truly blessed to be in this supportive community of colleague-friends who lift me up, support me, make me laugh, and dance like fools. Thank you @lauramayes for bringing us together every year. #mom2summit
India learned a lot of important lessons this weekend about life. Namely, that wedge shoes might look cute with your dress but they suck on the dance floor.
  • My date* for the Iris Awards, @tayediggsinsta. . *We may or may not be sitting together and he may not be aware that he is my date. But we are both here. So.
Hey #mom2summitfriends! Sarah and I are gearing up for a conversation about self care and boundaries as an online parent just after Brene’s keynote. If you want to join us we are in the FORD COTTAGE. To get there, head out to the lawn where the parties have been and turn straight left, and follow the sidewalk parallel to the hotel until you come to two cottages. Ford is on the left.
She’s as nice as you think. @kristenanniebell #mom2summit
India got her beachy wave on at the @dove beauty bar. #hourwithher#mom2summit
Matching 90’s chokers and ripped jeans. “I’m not, like, a regular mom. I’m, like, a COOL mom.” 😂 #mom2summit @langhampasadena
Super fun to have India here with me this week at @mom2summit. She’s “interning” and helping out, which is a great way for her to see a new side of my business beyond just “mommy goes on trips.” And she has her own hotel key and lanyard so she gets to feel very #bosslady. ❤️❤️ @langhampasadena