Fun night last night watching @bookofmormon at @segerstromarts (and watching @thechance00 playing the doctor!) I’ve seen this show five times and I was still doubled over in laughter. So good!
So much fun at @cirquedusoleil last night! Luzia is visually stunning and so creative. Something for everyone of every age.
Loved getting to hear my friend @electric_lady_msj do her thing tonight.
He might look like an adult but the faces he makes when I film him at cotillion are pure 13. 😂
When you realize you have the same dress. #twinsies@thechance00
My girls reacting to the @lin_manuel__ @bensplatt mashup. 😂❤️😂❤️
I’m not saying that I’ve typed my daughter as a fellow enneagram 3, I’m just saying that she spent her free time this weekend organizing my spice drawer, creating an online quiz for theater geeks, and packing for a schools trip that is over a week away, setting aside two different wardrobe motifs depending on if her fellow cabinmates were more “sporty” or more “fashiony.” #millenneagram#enneagram3