In addition to the green juice for breakfast, I also made them green veggie burgers made from fava beans for dinner. Look how excited they are! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, kids! #AssholeParent
Henna tattoos at the @sagehill multicultural fair
When they want Lucky Charms for St. Patrick’s Day but you give them kale juice instead. #assholeparent☘️
Tomorrow at @wayfarercm! Hymn set followed by U2 singalong.
Get it, Kembe! #haitiansensation
Some progress … #slowestremodelever
  • Karis’s idea of “rainy day clothing.” #socalkids
Kids eat free Tuesday . . . nothing but the best for these kids. 😂 @ikea
When you decide to trim your kid’s hair but you can’t get it even and then you accidentally wind up cutting off 4 inches but play it off like you meant it.