• Today the boys are insulating and drywalling. This home reno season has been rough but I love that we can look back and remember the time we basically built a house together.
That teen life.
Making my boys and their friends rip a wall out while I cook dinner. 
Kembe said “this is the best night ever” and he actually meant it. 😂 
 Loved getting to take the kids to see @lisacongdon‘s exhibit tonight.

New episode @selfiepodcast It’s possible this episode was recorded WHILE HUNGOVER in Palm Springs. We chat how to avoid hangovers, and also have an interview with Jane Mosbacher Morris of To The Market, who saw a need for empowering global women and came up with a practical solution through ethically-made goods. Jane had a pretty intense experience with burnout and shares her story with us. 
I am working with the @Dove Self-Esteem Project to help today’s girls develop a healthy self-image. Girls today are bombarded with negative messages and images that tell them that they aren’t enough. With this in mind, Dove created the #HourWithHer, a toolkit for talking about confidence and self-esteem with young women. I spent an hour of time with my daughter India, talking through how she sees and feels about herself. It was illuminating. Using the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s prompts, we worked through the negative script that was playing in her head. It was a powerful hour. If there is a girl in your life that you would love to encourage with more confidence, visit http://bit.ly/hourwithher to access resources and activities.