Brunching with these beauties
Just a typical evening with Kembe. I wish he had more personality . . .
Gotta love the pink-stripes socks and gold and red shoes. #basketballflair
Here’s an unflattering confession. The other day, I was in a full -tilt spin-out of self judgment, comparing every aspect of my life to a friend’s, from my weight to my home to my clothing. I was devolving from comparison into shame, and in that moment I opened the mail and found this quote from @msrachelhollis’s new book #girlwashyourface and it was like a wake-up call (or a loving slap in the face.) It is now sitting where I can see it every day, and be reminded: comparison is dumb. Thank you, Rachel, for the reminder.

A behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like being the Instagram husband/trespassing accomplice of @whoorl. Still laughing. 
Until next time, Palm Springs.
Well I think this preview photo pretty much encapsulates the buzzed train wreck that @whoorl and I just did on Facebook. Topics discussed: Chocolate, wine, nuts, periods, sex toys, and enneagram 3’s at parties. Link in profile.
Taking a poll: should we do a drunk episode of @selfiepodcasttonight and if so what should we talk about?
Yesterday I woke up on a cruise ship in Florida. Today in Palm Springs for #altsummit. I need a nap.