I bought magnets for our cruise ship door to leave notes for each other. Swipe left to see how my boys decided to use them. 🙄😂 #disneysmmc
A relaxing day at Disney’s private Caribbean island! We sat, we swam, we snorkels, and we rode out to the lookout point.
Getting a couple vacation cornrows after a long lecture from big brother about cultural appropriation and a well-argued rebuttal about cultural appreciation. 🤷‍♀️ ETA: big brother was KIDDING. But we did have a great conversation about it, and the context we are in, and given the fact that many locals were making money from it, India felt okay as a choice just on vacation. (And so did brother but he also always loves an opportunity to tease.)
erfect weather, perfect day. #disneysmmc @disneycruiseline
You can take the boy out of the island …
We went to dinner and came back to bunk beds. (Yes. The @disneycruiseline is as magical as you think.) #disneysmmc
The new Pandora land in Animal Kingdom is like WOW. #disneysmmc
Disney ‘til we drop. #disneysmmc
Cousins. ❤️❤️
Loving this serenade as we each lunch at Harambe Village. #disneysmmc
Seven soaked kids after a river rapids ride. #disneysmmc