This movie. Wowwww. Go see it! 
Ramps they made today using the leftover construction wood laying around. 😂
There are some days where the single mom gig is felt more acutely. Today was one of those days. My morning was spent dealing with bad news after bad news and I’d cried three times by noon. Then at 3 the plumbing backed up due to roots entering my pipes and I came home from picking up the kids to find sewage flooded into all three bathrooms. I knew I needed help. So I told the kids we had to deal with it, together. It was a family challenge. They put on rain boots and plastic gloves and without complaining, helped deal with the hazmat situation in our house, laughing the whole time. There are small blessings in this hard season. One has been watching my kids rise to the occasion, over and over, in stepping up and stepping in to help. Even if it means stepping in to a dirty tub.
Romantic love is amazing. It is intoxicating and exhilarating and exciting and comforting. It is also optional. It is a lovely and life-affirming experience to be in love, but it is not the air we breathe. A reminder today to be grateful for the many kinds of love you find yourself in, but that in the absence of certain manifestations of love, you are still enough.

These are the two I chose. The special ones, the favored, the prized. Just kidding. I took Jafta because he eats a lot and Karis because she’s still kinda young and India and Kembe were happy to sit unsupervised with iPads by the gate with the promise we would sneak them cookies. I’m not above going in alone but I’m also hella cheap and not about to pass up feeding 3 of us in an airport for free. Alas no massage for me (was too worried about the clock) but I did have some very nice Pinot and a lovey leek soup.


When we travel I make the kids figure out our gate and I walk behind them while they navigate. Always pushing towards travel independence and at this point they are pros! Spending their “ski week” at Disney World and on a short Disney cruise with #disneysmmc