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It’s not that I’m a Bad Mom, per se. It’s just that sometimes, I’m a bit of a slacker.

I love my kids. I love making things special for them. But sometimes, I’m also just tired. Physically tired, but also tired of trying to keep up with the Pinterest-worthy lifestyle.

Take the holidays, for example. It feels like every holiday has to be this over-blown production for the kids. Like St. Patrick’s Day. When I was a kid we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing something green. THE END. I have noticed that over the past few years, our kids were getting some grander ideas from school. Wanting to make leprechaun tracks and gold coin hunts and expecting some green-related surprises throughout the house. Um, no. This is how we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. A $3 box of cereal. Green shirts. The end.

St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be a “phone-it-in” holiday. I refuse to acknowledge the leprechaun as some new iteration of the Easter Bunny.

And less than a month after having survived that whole mess, we’ve got Valentine’s Day which has became The New Halloween, because God forbid you send a simple store-bought card. You’d better include some candy or your child will be shunned. Shunned! One of my kids came home with not just a candy from each class, but a WHOLE FREAKING GOODIE BAG from each student.
And then, I think I’ve got a break for a month BUT NO. Surprise! We’ve got 100 Days of School to celebrate. And by “celebrate” I mean the kids sticking 100 things on a hat. And by “the kids” I mean me.
And do not even get me started on what Easter has become. When I was a kid my mom went to the store and bought us a new dress and a pre-made plastic Easter basket for $8.99.  THE END. There was candy and we loved it. Maybe we would dye some eggs from a kit sitting in the check-out lane at Target. They would look like crap.
Then there is Christmas, which is an overboard holiday by nature, but some mom had to decide that in addition to the decorating and the tree and the gift-buying and the class parties and the holiday cards, I’ve also got to move a weird elf around into a new surprise tableau every day? Nope. Not gonna happen.
Fortunately, I’ve found my tribe of mom friends, and we have all settle on being a B average kinda mom. We’re “good enough” moms.  We can have parties with slightly messy houses. We can bring frozen food if we need to. We can get together without a reason and make everyone bring something because we don’t have time for a store run. And that kind of community is a beautiful thing.
I think that’s why the movie Bad Moms resonated so much. So many of us feel like we never measure up, or that it’s some kind of a radical decision to decide to forego perfection. It’s refreshing to see other women embrace imperfection. There is a new Bad Moms movie coming out: A Bad Moms Christmas, and I was practically shouting Hallelujah at the trailer because YES TO ALL OF IT. It opens November 1 and my girlfriends and I will be in the theater will bells on. Order your tickets here to snag your seats now!

Speaking of girlfriends . . . there’s nothing quite like a night out without the kids, and Evite and Bad Moms have partnered to encourage moms to get some me-time together this holiday season with a new line of Bad Moms Christmas invitations. My friends and I use Evite all the time – it’s such a simple way to plan a gathering, and these new invites are really fun. You can see them all here.

They’re the perfect vibe for a fun holiday party, or for getting friends together to see the movie.