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Living with four kids, laundry is a constant challenge. The laundry issues in my house can be divided into two main dilemmas: dealing with the odors of four active kids, and dealing with how to contain and store laundry in a very small house.

This has been an issue since we moved back into our previous, smaller house. It’s been a great move, but one thing we really lost was bedroom space. We also shifted to having laundry space in a very small hallway that leads to the bathroom. There was no space to store laundry but in the bedrooms, and let me tell you . . . that did not make the bedrooms smell so great. Plus, having a laundry basket in each small, shared room was clunky and awkward.

I wanted to figure out a solution to allow me to store our dirty laundry in baskets next to the washer and dryer. I figured a centralized location would make doing laundry easier, and having it out of the bedrooms could free up some much-needed space. So I scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to maximize my little laundry closet into a space that could accommodate our hampers as well. Here was my final inspiration:

And here is what my laundy space looked like. A side-by-side with a very small shelf above them to hold detergent and dryer sheets.

I decided that stacking a washing and dryer was the best way to free up space for hampers in the laundry nook. I visited my local scratch-and-dent outlet and got a great set for a really good price. I also measure the space and got an IKEA closet insert that perfectly fit the space that was now left open by stacking the machines.

Of course, creating Pinterest-inspired transformations at home are never as easy as they seem, and I found myself in a Moby Dick level battle with the new washer and dryer. I was diligent in measuring the space but might have forgotten to factor in the doorway and hallway. Casings were torn down. Doors were removed. Drywall was scratched. But in the end, I prevailed.

In the space where I previously only had a washer, dryer, and a little storage for laundry detergent and paper towels, I now have both machines along with two large hampers, and drawers that fit both all of our cleaning products and all of our medications, PLUS paper towels and toilet paper. This simple change afforded me SO MUCH extra storage. And I couldn’t be happier with the results.

It’s made laundry so much easier, and it has taken those smelly socks out of the bedroom and into a dedicated common space. I’m planning to put a thick curtain in front of the whole area that will keep things looking tidy and also minimize odors.

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How do you store laundry in your home? Do you have a centralized spot or do you have hampers in the bedroom? And what have you found useful for keeping dirty-clothes odors to a minimum?