Circling back for a recap of another exciting week…
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Haitian food crawl today. Griot (pork) and conch with creole sauce and chicken brioche and pumpkin soup. And plantains. So many plantains. šŸ˜

Beach bound. Strictly following Haitian seatbelt laws.

I guess he’s enjoying his native country alright.

Can’t stop won’t stop.

She’s a beauty.

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Cow with a view.

Drove up to the mountains to hike. Decided to send the boys on their own while we drink mojitos at a mountain lodge bar. šŸ‘Œ #liveauthentic @taralivesay@t_livesay

Mountain stroll

We’ve seen the mountains, the ocean, and the bustling city, but I’m pretty sure their favorite memories of Haiti will be of these friendships. @taralivesay @t_livesay@jaftahowerton

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We came, we saw, we ate. The food in Haiti exceeded expectations for #foodiejafta@jaftahowerton

In the US we have”slug bug.” In Haiti it’s “name the celebrity/sports star/religious icon painted on the tap-tap.”

Such a good weekend with my boys. 

1. The US Customs app is AMAZING. You enter your passport info, trip details, and declarations from the plane and submit when you land, and it generates a QR code that lets you breeze thru. 2. We look like serial killers in these photos I took on the plane and I’m surprised they let us in.

Intently watching brother’s soccer game

Lunch. It’s been that kind of a day. @cleezy

#TBT to last week with the Livesay clan. We are big fans of this family. @taralivesay @t_livesay