I want to point you to three incredible children’s books I just discovered. They all have inspiring messages, and they all feature a little black girl as the main character. Children’s books with girls as the main character (in non-princess roles) are woefully under-represented, and books with black girls as the main character are like a unicorn. So I’m thrilled about these new books. (For full disclosure, Matthew and Denene are also personal friends and two people I really like a lot). If you don’t have kids, they would make a great gift.

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner is the story of how God created each person with their own unique traits and abilities, and how God unconditionally loves each of us. I have a hard time getting through this one with my kids without bawling. It’s a truly touching story, and fitting for Christian families but broad enough that it would be enjoyed by anyone with a general belief in God.

Early Sunday Morning by Denene Millner follows June and her family through their weekend routine as she prepares for a special performance leading the children’s choir at church on Sunday morning. Along the way, she visits the barbershop with Mommy and Troy, gets her hair done by Mommy, receives a special dress from her aunt, and shares her family ritual of getting ready for Sunday morning service. It’s a lovely slice of life with an underlying message of overcoming fear.

Love Is by Diane Adams follows a girl and a duckling who grow in their understanding of what it is to care for each other, discovering that love is as much about letting go as it is about holding tight. It’s a lovely metaphor of growing up and the changing but enduring nature of parental love.