Here are some things I read this week that made me think. (These are just snippets – click on the title to read the whole thing.)

My Smartest Tip for Saving Money on Takeout from Lisa at The Kitchn

“My husband and I rely on takeout more often than I’d like to admit. If I haven’t had the time to meal plan (or grocery shop) for the week, chances are, we’re having cereal or takeout for dinner. One of those things can be inexpensive (two boxes for $5? Yes, please!), while the other can add up — very quickly.

Luckily, we’ve figured out one little hack to help us keep our weekly food bills below budget.”

Please Stop Forcing Your Favorite TV Show On Me from Melissa with the Science of Us

“A plea: Could you maybe stop telling me I need to watch Breaking Bad?

I know. I know! I’ve heard how good it is, and how bingeable it is, and, yes, I also know it’s all on Netflix. But the more someone insists that I have to watch something, the more it makes me want to never watch it, just to — I don’t know — spite them, or to prove in some small, stupid way that I am my own person and I do what I want.”

’There is no such thing as a “self-made man”. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the makeup of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success.’ – George Matthew Adams

“Decide on a “family word… So if your child is somewhere without you or in a situation where they can’t speak up, and they feel unsafe, they can call or shout out [the word]. This will alert you to the fact that they feel unsafe and need to be removed from the situation immediately.

Educate yourself in Body Safety; this includes signs of child sexual abuse and the grooming process. Remember, sexual predators groom both parents and children.

Encourage your child’s school to teach Body Safety! And if they don’t, please ask why not.”

PHOTOS: The Many Possible Shapes Of Trump’s Border Wall from Colin at NPR

“By the time bidding closed Tuesday, there was no lack of companies competing to build the wall President Trump has proposed for the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In fact, by The Associated Press’ count, upwards of 200 organizations had expressed interest in designing and building it for Customs and Border Protection.

Despite their common goal, the companies submitting bids have followed some radically different paths in their approach.

Among the submissions are walls with solar panels, wire mesh and sloped, slippery surfaces. There are even walls that are no walls at all — statements standing instead as protests of a policy that from the start has drawn a lot of resistance.”

The panicky mom’s guide to removing ticks from kids — yikes! from Lexi at CoolMomPicks

“You may be wondering just how to remove ticks from your kids, should the need arise. And we don’t blame you one bit. With the warmer weather comes longer days spent outdoors and kids running barefoot in the yard. Also, increased warning about ticks and Lyme disease thanks to a booming tick population this spring. Eek!

So to put anxious minds at ease — including our own — we’ve done the research for you and put together this handy guide to removing ticks from kids.”

How to Calm Your Imagination Before Sleep by Jessica at WikiHow

Some ideas you may not have heard before:

– “Breathe out of your left nostril. Breathing out of only your left nostril is supposed to help relax your sympathetic nervous system. This can calm your mind and imagination and help you fall asleep.”

– “Create a story in your mind. Come up with a story to occupy your mind. Create a character, or use a familiar character. Tell a story in your mind about what happens to this character. Focus on details, like what the character is wearing, what the room looks like, and what they are doing.”

– “Use your bed only for sleep. When your imagination is in overdrive, don’t lie in bed tossing and turning. This makes your body start to believe that the bed is a place to think and be mentally awake. Instead, move yourself to another room.”