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No one knows how to multi-task quite like a mother. Even if it wasn’t a skill on our resume before having kids, it’s something each of us will master out of necessity. Whether it’s learning how to change a diaper with one hand while bottle-feeding with another, or taking a work call while supervising a kid at the park, we’ve all got stories of making it work and doing two (or three) things at once. 

I’ve been in that situation more times I can count, but one that sticks out in my mind was last year when I was trying to buy Adele tickets. I had planned my morning out strategically. Tickets went on sale at 9am, and my kids had a choir concert at school at 10am. I figured I would log in early, snag the tickets right at 9, and then head over. 
Except . . . 9am came and went, and I was still logged into the “waiting room” at ticketmaster, waiting for my turn to buy. Then 9:15, then 9:30. Finally, at 9:45, I realized I was going to have to choose – Adele or my kids. If I left my laptop, I would lose my place. Until I had the bright idea to pair my laptop to my phone. I carried the laptop, open so it wouldn’t go to sleep, from my car into the concert and sat in the back. In the end, I snagged the tickets right before my child’s class took the stage. As it turns out, you can have it all!
(No, you can’t. But sometimes it works out.)
Over on facebook, I asked for some of your best multi-tasking tales. Here are some of the funniest and most relatable:

Sarah: I work for an online school. I had to teach a live online class of students that other teachers were also logged into to watch me model the teaching. They didn’t know I had to sit on the back patio with one hand holding the sliding glass door shut as my daughter screamed and peed down her leg inside.

Alyson: I remember nursing my baby while helping my 2 year old daughter potty while my 4 year old son was asking me detailed questions about bugs.

Kristen: A few weeks ago I was wearing my infant daughter who fell asleep before dinner time. I didn’t want to risk waking her by putting her down and also didn’t want to wait to eat since I was starving (breastfeed means constant hunger, right?) My solution: napkin over her head to catch anything I might spill while enjoying my salad. That salad was delicious!

Carissa: On at least a couple of occasions, I sat in the shower in the bathroom with the door locked because it was the farthest I could get from my angry toddler while I was on a conference call. 

Cory: Vomiting from morning sickness with my one year old on my hip.

Heidi: I take my teens on coffee dates where I bribe them to do my grading while I work on lesson planning…or where I will occasionally surf the web for relaxation. No shame.

Jenn: Once I was talking in the phone (cradling it between my ear and shoulder), while nursing an infant and wiping my newly-potty trained daughter’s bum at the same time. I am both embarrassed and proud of my skills at that moment.

Victoria: Holding a sick bag for one daughter to throw up in whilst throwing up in one myself on a plane and commenting on 2nd daughter’s drawing ‘that’s lovely darling’…

Most parents know that anything they can do to save time AND simplify their ever-growing “to-do” list is a winning strategy in the parenting playbook. And in additional to multi-tasking being a necessity, it is also a sanity-saver . . . because when you save time, you free up more me-time later.

Clorox’s latest product, Scentiva, is a true multi-tasker as it cleans, disinfects and deodorizes all at once. It comes in both disinfecting wipes and a spray in two different scents; Hawaiian Sunshine (think tropical paradise with key lime, citrus, mango, pineapple and hibiscus petals) and Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine (a rich mixture of jasmine, rose, hyacinth and lavender with a touch of juicy peach white sandalwood and vanilla).

Keeping your home smelling great and germ-free doesn’t have to be a multi-step process. Clorox wants to lighten parents’ to-do lists by helping them keep their homes clean, disinfected and smelling great – using one product to do it all. Whether it’s playing a game with the kids or getting a chance to zone out on facebook, shaving a little time off of your cleaning routine can pay off in satisfying ways.