I’m not one of those parents who lives for April Fools’ Day. Or even acknowledges to my children that it exists in the first place.
But my kids are in on the day, and they have expectations. Their expectations look something like this:
Ain’t noboy got time for that. I’ve got to find some pranks that are easy to implement, and that don’t require a visit to the craft store. Or baking. So I’ve rounded up a few ideas for simple pranks I can pull with things we’ve already got.
13 April Fools Day Pranks I Might Play on My Kids (if pushed):
1. While the kids are sleeping, move them into different beds so they wake up in the wrong room.
2. Drop a bit of food coloring in the milk.
3. Swap out cereal bags and boxes. Sorry, kids. Looks like your Honey Nut Cheerios turned into Fiber One overnight.
4. Set our clocks ahead an hour, then wake them up and rush them around pretending we’re late for school. (Then let them watch some cartoons with all that extra time.)
5. Rubber band the sink sprayer so they’ll get sprayed when they wash their hands. (Note to self: Remember you have done this.)
6. Stuff toilet paper in their shoes so that the shoes don’t fit in the morning.
7. Plastic wrap or tape their shampoo lids.
8. Put a “for sale” sign in our front yard for when they come home from school.
10. Change the language on the iPad.
11. Switch out the boys’ underwear drawer with MY underwear. Laugh at their shock and dismay.
12. Change the lock screen photo on the iPad with a picture of Mark and me kissing.
13. Write a post that promises 13 ideas and then deliver 12. Gotcha!
Those are some of the easy ideas I’ve run into. What are yours? Do you and your kids get into April Fools’ Day at all?