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I’ve mentioned before that we recently downsized and moved into a home we used to live in. We went from about 2300 sq. ft. to about 1400 sq. ft. I have no regrets because the pool and the friends they have in this neighborhood mean that my kids are rarely inside the house. But still, we’ve had to be strategic about our use of space. 

The kids are sharing bedrooms again, which means that we no longer have space to have desks in their rooms. I decided to try to convert the garage into an office space that all of us could use, but also a space where they could practice their instruments. 

Since moving in five months ago, the garage has been a repository of boxes, tools, and tech equipment. With spring right around the corner, I thought this would be a great opportunity to take some time to do some spring cleaning and create a space for homework and music lessons. Here’s how it looked before:

We had a sofa (this great mid-century number from Amazon), but it was covered in clutter. The drum set was in the middle of boxes, and the desk area was also covered in office stuff that I hadn’t sorted since we moved in.

The kids and I got to work putting things away (and throwing things away). We also had a lot of cleaning to do, as everything was covered in a layer of dust.

I’m a fan of the Clorox®ScrubSingles™ Kitchen Pads and the Clorox® Triple Action Dust Wipes; they were perfect for this job.

I also had the kids help me put a desk together, which will serve as my desk but also as a platform for the TV so they can play Xbox in the garage. Here’s that finished area:

Behind the sofa in this area is a space for the kids to practice music:

And in the corner, each child has a spot at the desk for their laptop. India made bulletin boards for each kid to denote their spot.

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It feels really good to have this project done, and I think this space will be perfect for homework. Now they won’t complain about doing it, right?

One can dream.