Daylight savings time, man. We are still recovering over here. It’s always a hard transition getting my kids back to that schedule when their body clocks have adjusted to waking up an hour later. This morning getting them out the door was not fun.

Although, despite my complaining about the transition, I actually prefer when the days “spring forward.” I like longer days and more light in the evenings, and personally, wish that we could just keep the clocks that way year-round. This time of year always feels like the promise of summer. We bought a grill last week and have eaten outside several evenings in a row. And of course, I love that the kids can play outside longer in the evenings. Everything feels a little brighter this time of year.

A few weeks ago, my kids had “ski week” . . . a bougie SoCal holiday in February wherein wealthy families ski and the rest of us scramble to figure out how to do our jobs with the kids home from school. I decided to rent a little house for us in Palm Springs, because I figured I could get more work done if they were swimming and playing in the sun than I would at our house. Although we did spend one day taking a tram car up to the top of the mountain to play in the snow – which ended up being proof that we are not ski people. My kids cannot handle cold weather. We were up there for about 5 minutes before they wanted to head back down. “I think I have frostbite on my hands!” was yelled by each kid at least once after handling a small amount of snow. We are such wimps.

We had a casual week off. For the most part it was basically just doing life at a different house. I mean really, isn’t that what “vacation” with kids looks like? Cooking and making them clean up after that in a new, more expensive location? But we did manage to get in some sight-seeing at the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, and Salvation Mountain.